Buy Backlinks For SEO [2022 Guide]


So you're thinking about buying backlinks. You've probably gone the route of trying to get backlinks naturally and have found little to no success doing that. The reason being is that no one actually cares about your website. It's the harsh reality of the online world. There are tens of millions of websites online and you would have to be doing something really special and amazing to get people to notice you immediately after launching or even in the first year or two. Most people aren't doing something groundbreaking that would attract national news so you have to go another route to get noticed. Waiting for your site to move up in rank can be extremely frustrating but we're here to help!

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In layman’s terms, SEO is a technique or series of techniques that help your website rank higher in search engine results. SEO falls into two main categories, on-page, and off-page. Let’s dive into each one detailing how they affect your website and how you can improve upon them.

If you're done moving at a snail's pace and want to strap some rockets to your SEO efforts then this handy guide will walk you through all the steps you need to take and what to look out for when buying backlinks.

Let's get started by going over some basics.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is simply a link to your website from another website. Backlinks work like votes. The more votes you get the better your website looks in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

All backlinks do NOT carry the same weight. Some backlinks come from reputable websites while others come from sites that you should steer clear of. Domain authority is the most common method of determining the quality of a backlink you will receive from a given website. If a website has a reasonably high domain authority (30+) you should be in the clear in terms of acquiring backlinks from that website.

In natural link building, you will likely get a mix of both high domain authority links as well as low domain authority links. This is actually a good thing because even HUGE websites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Forbes have backlinks from websites with low domain authority. If you get those kinds of links you shouldn't worry too much because you need them to make your backlink profile look natural and fly under the radar.

Do Follow vs. No Follow

When it comes to backlinks there are two main types:

Do Follow: Do follow backlinks are the best for SEO because they pass reputation from the original website onto yours.


No Follow: No follow backlinks on the other hand pass no reputation from the original website onto yours but that doesn't mean they provide no SEO benefits at all. The biggest benefit of no follow backlinks is they make your backlink profile look natural. A normal website's backlink profile would have a healthy mix of both do follow and no follow backlinks. 

Referring domains

Referring domains are the actual websites that link to you. The more referring domains your website has the better. For example, let's say Forbes links to you 8 times over a 2 year period. This counts as 8 backlinks and 1 referring domain. The domain being The reason SEO experts focus so much on getting a high number of referring domains is that anybody can get 10,000 backlinks from some off-brand blog or forum but a truly successful online brand would be getting backlinks from a TON of different websites!


On-page SEO

Your actual website has several elements to it that search engines consider when ranking you among your competitors. Some of those elements are:

  1. Site speed. How fast your website loads both on desktop as well as mobile devices. This factor largely depends on the hosting you choose but can speed up your own load times by compressing any and all images on your site before uploading them. A simple Google search will 

  2. Content Quality and length. Google and other search engines LOVE in-depth content. Whether you are writing blog posts or just an introduction for your homepage you need to make sure you are writing as much relevant content as possible to prove to Google that you are an authority brand and deserve a higher ranking than other sites.

  3. Presence of the keyword(s) you want to rank for. Keyword research is crucial to the success of your business. Keyword research is actually best done before you even start an online business because once you have honed in on several GOOD keywords you can build a brand around those. 

  4. Internal linking. When your website links to other pages on your website it helps Google “read” what your website is about and also tells it about the structure of your site. All of this is great for SEO. Always make sure your homepage links to your blog posts and your blog posts link to your homepage. Make sure your product pages feature links to your other products. Help google get around. 

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO basically boils down to link building or backlinks. Backlinks are like votes on the internet. For every vote on the internet that your website gets the more Google and other search engines trust you and believe you are worthy of page 1 rankings. 

  • Get a high quantity of backlinks. Internet votes are much like votes in the real world. The website with the most votes has the best chance of winning though this is not the only factor in achieving page 1 rankings.

  • Get backlinks from big names. Backlinks from more popular websites can push your rankings simply because their “votes” a.k.a. backlinks carry more weight. It would be better to get a backlink from than Billy Bob’s fishing blog. 

  • Anchor text. The text on the link to your site is as important as any other SEO tactic. For example, this is an example of anchor text. “This is an example of anchor text” is the anchor text. This aspect of link building is so important that we gave it its own section which you can find below.

Anchor text explained even further

Choosing which anchor text to use for your backlinks order can seem daunting but it is quite straightforward.

  • When deciding which anchor text you want to use you want to make sure you are using the keywords you want to rank for. The keywords you want to try and rank for should have decent monthly search volume (>1000) and have low competition. If you go outside of these parameters you can still rank on page 1 but you will have to make sure all of your other SEO metrics are in good shape and spend more time and money building links.

  • Use long-tail keywords as your anchor. If a dentist in Columbus, Ohio wants to rank he wouldn’t use “dentist” as his anchor text for example. A more effective anchor would be “dentist in Columbus”. The longer your keyword the better, It is MUCH easier to rank for long keywords than short ones. The major players already dominate for short keywords and you most likely don’t want to or even need to compete with them. You can make a healthy living just by going for the low-hanging fruit.

  • Vary your anchors. Just because you want to rank for “dentist in Columbus” doesn’t mean you need to use that anchor for every backlink you purchase. Switch it up. Make your backlink profile look more natural. A real backlink profile for that dentist would feature anchor texts that are somewhat random but also quite focused. Here is how your backlink profile should look in terms of the kind of anchors you use:

  1. Branded anchor texts - branded anchor texts feature the name of your business in the anchor. For example, “Richard Johnson DDS” or “” if that were your domain name.

  2. Exact match - This goes back to using the keyword that you want to rank for as your anchor so “dentist in Columbus” would be a perfect example.

  3. Random anchors - When other websites link to yours they won’t always use the anchor that you want so you can sometimes end up with anchor texts that have nothing to identify the landing page i.e. your website. These anchors can be anything from “click here” to ”go now”. Be sure to sprinkle some of these into your backlink profile to give it a more natural look. 

Buying backlinks for SEO

So you want to buy backlinks for SEO but aren’t sure if it’s safe for your domain. The whole concept of buying backlinks can seem a bit sketchy at first but trust us, some of the BIGGEST brands in the world buy backlinks including sites like Forbes. Buying links is not usually penalized by Google or any other search engine simply because there is no reliable way to tell if the link was purchased or if the site received it naturally. 

Some SEOs claim that you should just create quality content on your site and people will naturally link to it but who are we kidding...that would take a thousand years to work. Nobody knows anything about your brand and they don’t care until others care. You need to buy backlinks to compete. 

Backlinks: Quality vs. quantity

A debate has raged on in the world of SEO almost since the beginning of the internet and that debate deals with the question of which is better...a high number of backlinks or having the best quality backlinks. The short answer is you need both. Any site worth its salt will have a healthy mix. At we offer products that can fulfill both needs. Our bulk packages deliver a large number of backlinks as the top priority and our LoadedLinks™ deliver better quality backlinks in terms of domain authority, organic traffic to the destination site, and content length.

Tracking your SEO efforts

Link building and other SEO tactics need to be measured in order to see the progress you're making if any. The internet is full of free as well as paid tracking services that you can use for your own website.

  • Google search console - Google's search console platform is the best free way to track how your site is improving in the SERPs. If you purchase any of our products NEED to be using GSC to track your results. GCS tells you which keywords you're ranking for and in what position on Google. How many clicks you're getting for each keyword, where your backlinks are coming from, your most common anchor texts, and the list goes on.
    1. Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, are all very similar tools that provide a lot of the same metrics as GCS though they aren't free. The paid services are mostly used by agencies like ours but if you are so inclined you can also use their services especially if you have more than one site.

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